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Italy’s Big Wedding Trafficking Scam

Italy’s Big Wedding Trafficking Scam

“Wedding traffickers” are scamming would-be immigrants and destitute Italians alike, offering hope in return for “I do.”

ROME — The soup home and homeless squat when you look at the straight straight back part of Rome’s Termini section has become the last destination most individuals would start thinking about while looking for a possible partner, particularly through the hot summer season if the scent of diesel gas through the trains is really a welcome respite from the hefty stench of perspiration and urine.

But those operating an enterprising new trafficking band have actually developed a method to couple the desperation of two categories of individuals: Italians surviving in serious conditions in their own personal nation and people looking to get to Italy to escape similarly dismal conditions in theirs.

That lack of hope is precisely just what the brand new alleged “marriage traffickers” are cashing in up up on. Continue reading