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The third event “Days of Ukrainian Cinema” starts in the Carpathians

The third event “Days of Ukrainian Cinema” starts in the Carpathians

Residents of high hill villages, where there are not any cinemas, need the chance to view in 2010’s Ukrainian premieres free from fee also to keep in touch with the creators of crazy Field, Fallen Wedding along with other recently released Ukrainian films.

It was established on Saturday, December 22 in Ivano-Frankivsk within a press seminar on “Days of Ukrainian Cinema” by the organizers.

“Exactly this past year, during the initiative for the Chairman associated with the Committee on customs and Spirituality, Mykola Knyazhitsky, this task was released – a free of charge demonstration of modern Ukrainian cinema within the high-mountain villages of Hutsulshchyna, where there aren’t any cinemas. Then few thought that maybe it’s realized. But, an ago about three thousand spectators attended the film festival in verkhovyna year. The next day into the Carpathians the 3rd event “Days of Ukrainian Cinema” begins, as well as its geography is expanding”,

– stated Mykola Typusyak, deputy president of this board for the NGO “All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy”.

Anastasiya Pugach, press assistant of KMKF Molodist, stated:

“this past year, when it comes to time that is first we invested the very first times of Ukrainian cinema in Verkhovyna, after which we had the concept that this kind of task for metropolitan areas where there are not any cinemas become held through the entire nation, and now we had been sustained by the Ministry of Ideas Policy. Contemporary Ukrainian cinema has actually revived. Continue reading